Saturday, January 21, 2006

The inner geek in all of us

I'm afraid this is a bit of a geeky blog entry, but I was just so excited to find the following page. I'd been looking at the new Treo 700W as a potential replacement for my Blackberry 7100T (my plan's up for renewal next month, and I've sort of got used to getting a new 'free' phone every year). While I was browsing , I came across a link which told you how to use the Treo as a wireless modem. This got me wondering if I could do the same with my Blackberry, and one quick google later, voila!

Sanjay's Coding Tips :: How to use the Blackberry 7100 as a GPRS Modem

I have an unlimited data plan with my Blackberry, which I need to be able to get the synchronized e-mail. This uses GPRS which is pretty slow (25KB down / 5KB up). Up to now, I've been limited to using it for simple browsing on the phone itself (checking flight times, checking directions, etc.), but now I can use it as a wireless modem and save those outrageous airport/hotel hotspot charges.


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